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Forest & Environment
Since 1983 NIPDIT has been working on Forest & Environment issues to drive the threats of deforestation and environmental degradation with an objective to protect, preserve & create new forest which play an important role on economic lives of the forest dwellers.

In course of time developed materials like charts, posters, maps, leaflets, booklets etc. distributed and demonstrated for massive awareness on the issue. Besides, walling in program villages, performance by local cultural troops through puppet show, palla show, dance, reciting songs, slogans etc. were organized. Gradually, people realized the importance of the problems of forest degradation so also environment.

Shifting cultivation was very much practiced in all operational areas as part of deep routed ancient custom associated with tribal culture & economy. Hence, to check this system, introduced alternatives to shifting cultivation so as to obtain food security and general sustenance of the community. People were also made aware of the adverse effect of shifting cultivation which is very much responsible for further degradation of forest and environment.

  Activities Achievements
Village forest protected. 9645 Hect.
VFPCs formed with common bylaw 367
VFPC federation formed.(Area level) 5
District Jungle Mancha Formed 4
CFM committees involved in Zilla Jungle Mancha of 33 blocks. 1360
Shifting cultivation checked. 382 Vill.
Sapling raised (Forest species) & distributed. 51,50,000
Seed bank on forest species formed 1
Supply of seeds of 36 varieties to GOs and NGOs of the state. 78 Quintal
Involved with State level network 23 districts
Kendu leaf workers benefited. 180 villages
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