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Operational Area and Focal Group
In the beginning, NIPDIT worked in Paburia Gram Panchyat under Kandhamal district of Orissa. Then it spread their activities in other villages in the area. concentrating of scheduled tribes and scheduled castes population is about 80%. Considering the need later on, NIPDIT extended its activity in the tribal and hilly region of the Phulbani block in the year 1986. Further extended to the most vulnerable regions of other districts of Orissa like Kalahandi, Keonjhar and Bolangir in the year 1988 – 89 and during the super cyclone to Kendrapara district.

All the operational areas of NIPDIT fall in the hill track where the focal group belong to mostly Scheduled Tribes & Scheduled Castes with the category of small & marginal farmers and landless. Kandhamal & Kalahandi predominately are inhabited by Kandhas, Bolangir by Binghals & Barihas and Keonjhar by Bhyians and Juangs.

As large area of these districts consist of hilly and sloppy lands unfit for agriculture, hence very less area is available for collection which make the lives of the tribals/ SC harder. Therefore, the inhabitants and forced to depend on forests and forest produces, wage, labour, seasonal business, traditional trades etc. which fetch their meager income. Due to irregular rainfall drought hits the area every year and due to lack of other suitable employment, people are forced to migrate to other areas which distributes their social lives. Preventive agriculture practices, large scale deforestation and shifting cultivation were also prevalent in large scale in those areas.

Besides, lack of education, inadequate housing conditions, sick and weak health due to lack of medical facilities, negative attitude to life, liquor habits, domestic violence against women & children, quarrel in the family, widespread corruption and exploitation were also making the lives miserable for the tribals.

Districts Block No of GPs. Vill. cov
S.C. S.T. Gen/ Other Total
No. of Families
Bolangir Khaprakhol 7 52 3346 10631 18214 32191 4211
Kandhamal Phulbani 5 95 5021 8035 2520 15576 4374
K.Nuagaon & Tikabali 10 151 8083 20965 3105 32153 7368
Phiringia 20 413 22156 51593 3511 772620 17150
Kalahandi M.Rampur 4 84 4962 9503 8864 23329 4608
Keonjhar Bansapal 9 58 4565 8293 5133 17991 4702
4 Districts 7 Blocks 55 853 48133 109020 41347 198500 42413
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