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Policy Advocacy

oncentrates on grass root advocacy. In course of time, as per the emerging need it has given more priority on policy issues to safeguard the democratic rights of the tribal community and intervened on various Govt. policies like: 1. Forest Amendment Bill 2000, On the alternative draft policy of Govt. 2001, Eviction Act -tribal land rights, Land acquisition Act, Kendu/ Sal leaves Act, MFP Act, NRM, Displacement issues.2 Panchayat Extension Act in Scheduled Areas(PESA), Eleven Financial Commission three tier PRI .3. State Agriculture Policy 2000, National Agriculture Policy 2000, National Water Policy 2000 , PANI Panchayat. 4. National Population Policy – 2000, National Health Policy – 2000, National Drug Policy – 2000, Blood bank Policy, ALMATA/WHO declaration, World Bank Policy on Health, National Tobacco Policy. RRC Orissa

Quantitative Achievements
Dist. level rally on leaf plate price issue. 17 Nos. 1 district, 25000 families benefited.
Liquor rally. 40 Nos. 4 Districts, 440 villages, 50000 families benefited.
PDS movement. 4 Dists. 20000 families benefited.
Wage movement. 4 Dists. 20000 families benefited.
Land to landless & land alienation. 4 Dists. 1000 families got benefit on land issues.
Movement against displacement. 2 Dists. 2500 families benefited.
Rally on NTFP price hike. 9 Nos. 4 Dists., 20000 families benefited.
Awareness creation on Land, MFP, liquor, Kendu leaf, PESA, Forest etc. 4 Dists. 25000 families benefited.
Rally on iodised salt. 4 Dists. Ban on traditional salt lifted.
Rally on Eviction Act. 4 Dists. 2000 families involved in the protest.
Workshop on Agriculture Policy. 2 Nos. 7 districts has been involved, 39 NGOs & 11 POs.
Workshop on NRM. 23 Dists. 332 participants (230 NGOs, 30 POs)
State level consultation 1 No. (18 Dists.) 31 Districts 11 Forest Forum, 18 NGOs, 2 POs
Health policy workshop. 3 Nos. (28 Dists.) 80 Nos. (POs, NGOs, Academicians, Activists)
Workshop on land, forest & water. 4 Dists. 120 NGOs & 52 POs
Rally on paddy procurement policy. 4 Dists. 25000 families benefited
Planning workshop of network NGOs and POs on land, MFP, Liquor, PESA, Kendu leaf. 4 Dists. 135 NGOs, 55 POs involved.
Qualitative Achievements
The AMCS, Paburia has purchased Siali leaves. During 1982, the rate of Siali Khali per bundle was 75 paise but through continuous demonstration by NIPDIT, POs & other NGOs, Khali rate ( Leaf plate) has been hiked from 75 paise to Rs.7/-. By this effort almost 25000 families of Phulbani district have got benefit. The average income of family on Khali at present is Rs.500/- to Rs.4500/- per year.
The MFPs were procured upto 1999 by TRIFED, TDCC, OFDC, ORMAS, AMCS etc. These cooperative did not have rural units. Hence, the forest dwellers were not able to access these cooperatives in selling their procurements. But after NTFP policy of 1999, the items have been purchased at the GP and village level and the forest dwellers could access to sell in rural areas by which all available products were sold and benefited.
Analysed policy documents and developed IEC materials on land, MFP, liquor, Kendu leaf, PESA etc. Enriched the knowledge are on policy and its related process. By using the PESA Act the PPL company has been wiped out from Keonjhar area.
Translated policy papers in local language and distributed the NGOs and community.
Copy rights reserve with NIPDIT, Phulbani., All rights reserved.