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Policy, System and Procedure
Since the inception till the year 1992 the organization was running with very minimum system and procedure. Informality was to the talk of the day. It was possible to manage with minimum instruments due to less number of staff, limited area of operation, less number of program etc.

But after the year 1993 the organization entered the phase of professionalization and realized to lay down a broad organizational policy framework which helped the organization to appraise its own growth as well as see things critically and systematically.

The policies & programs of the organization is solely guided by a Mission Vision document which is prepared for the organization. Likewise nature of intervention and strategy with a well laid down PME system & tools are also have been developed to provide a professional touch to the approach of the organization.
Personnel Policy
Personnel Policy was introduced for the 1st time in the organization in 1993 with various aspects like HRD & HRM, Financial, Administrative & Personnel matter segments. Latter on it was reviewed from time to time and improvised with additional sections like job profile of different categories of staff, salary structure, gender policy etc. The broad contents are

Personnel Selection & Administration : Personnel Recruitment , Training, Promotion, Termination, Suspensition. Transfer, Core Group.

Leave Rules, TA & DA, CSWF & other loans/advances, House rent & other allowance.
Vehicles & Assets

Performance assessment of staff and field functionaries are done from time to time to accommodate with changing requirements meant for deployment/ redeployment of staff with their capacity assessment.

Gender Policy
A separate section was added in the personnel policy in the year1997 covering the representation system to responsibility, opportunity and privileges areas inorder to bring a gender equity among men & women staff at the organizational level as well as the community level. Then in the year 2002 after gathering views from different quarters and based on its own reflection, the organization felt the need for genderising the whole personnel policy covering all the segments. The policy has helped the organization in genderising its structure & programs as well for gender justice.
Financial Policy
Though from the inception, there has been some rules & regulations framed to manage finance in the organization, in the year 1999, a separate segment was added in the Personnel Policy. Then a separate manual was developed and adopted in the organization in the year 2002. In this manual Different tools & techniques, formats & registers along with required rules & regulation and modalities for use of those instruments have been developed and adopted in the organization to streamline finance matters in a more decentralized manner. Those include budgeting, financial management & monitoring, staff welfare, leave & asset management etc
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