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Relief & Rehabilitation for Addressing the Emergency Situation
During Sept 2008, the people of Odisha experienced flood that devastated the lives & livelihoods putting the clock of development a few years back. In this crucial hour of need NIPDIT/DRC volunteers contributed immensely by providing suo motto help from their side to help in facilitating and distributing the relief materials.
In asserting the community/people’s right over the resource base and promoting sustainable livelihood practices, NIPDIT has emphasized disaster preparedness & management. NIPDIT has acted with alacrity whenever disaster has struck the people of the state, even beyond its operational area. Following emergence of disaster as a separate sector, the emphasis has been on formation of community-based disaster committees, participatory planning & making disaster mitigation a common theme across the sectoral interventions.
Distribution of dry foods such as Chuda ( pressed/flattened rice), Biscuits to flood victims.
Assistance and help to the authorities of local government in providing cooked foods & provisions of cooked foods in 3 Blocks of Kendrapada dist.
Organizing medical camp in the flood ravaged areas.
Awareness creation among the people about various compensatory measures taken by the Govt. and to help those people who need our help and assistance in this regard.

DRC of Kendrapada, Jagatsingpur, jajpur & puri acted as resource centre to th administration in providing critical information regarding relief, rescue & resettlement program and act as a medium to ventilate or chennalise the grievance, the need & aspiration of the people to the administration on the other hand

Distribution of Bleaching powder, Halogen Tablets, ORS, Medicines as and when required by the local administrative authorities and in some places from our side also. While selecting the places and the beneficiaries far the distribution of relief, the following considerations were taken into account,
The worst affected areas
Vulnerable sections of the societies.
People with disabilities
Displaced people, specially those who have taken shelters at embankments
Women headed families
The sector beneficiaries covered during this reporting period
Activities Beneficiaries
M F Total C PW LM
Dry Food distribution 1463 1269 2732 442 82 142
Distribution of sanitation kits Sanitation kits distributed to 3870 women beneficiaries
Distribution of polythene Polythene distributed to 1162 Households
Awareness activity (sanitation) Awareness activity undertaken in 26 GPs of 4 districts
Health Check-up Camps & treatment
Sl. No Dist. No.of Camps Total Health check-up Total Adult treated Total children treated
01. Kendrapada 6 2321 1923 4244 234 215 449 49 33 82
02. Jagatsingpur 11 1823 1508 3331 527 464 991 70 71 141
03. Jajpur 5 841 691 1532 341 365 706 132 115 247
04. Puri 9 1963 1364 3327 1364 921 2285 149 133 271
Total 31 6948 5486 12434 2466 1965 4431 400 341 741
Distribution of Saree & Cattle feed
Dist. Block covered No of Dressess No of Sarees No of cattle covered
Kendrapada 4 1339 1482 2775
Puri 4 550 1210 3082
Jagatsingpur 3 635 976 3073
Jajpur 1 251 850 1532
Total 12 2775 4518 10462
Establishment of linkage between sustainable livelihood approaches & disaster mitigation
Creation of community organization for long-term & short-term response to disaster mitigation.
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