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Support Services

Support service has considered a major process to build up potentialities/ capacities of different Individuals, Groups, NGOs, POs and Govt. functionaries to work effectively. The support service specifically focused to develop Human Resources of organizations and provide quality support to build up confidence among functionaries at different levels to update information, increase appropriate skill.

Since NIPDIT has strong believe on developing Human Resource through Skill Transformation, Information Dissemination, Mutual Support, an unit has established to look after the requirement/need of different functionaries at NGOs, Networks, POs & Govt. level. The support service unit is consist of experienced staff those who are exposed to Local, National & International situation.

During last 20 years NIPDIT has rendered support services to the needy NGOs/ Partners/ Groups in different forms specifically through providing training, counseling, consultancy, developing projects, providing different documents on policies & provisions, mobilizing resources, facilitating the programs & process, developing tools etc. Following table indicates the type of support services provided with categories of participations / representations and nos. of persons participated during last 20 years.

Development Support and Organizations
Development Supports organizations contributed a lot to carry out the programs in all 5 project areas since last 25 years. A total of 36 Support Agencies both Foreign & Indian supported NIPDIT in different years for different purposes such as Integrated Tribal Dev., Health & Sanitation, Watershed & Sustainable Agrl., Forest Environment, Education, Gender & Youth Dev., Disaster Mitigation, Micro Finance etc. Out of 36 agencies 25 have supported between 1-4 years, 10 supported between 5-9 year and only one support agency has been supporting for a period of 10 years and above.

Besides, contributions received form the above mentioned support agencies along with people’s contribution/ local contribution has played a major role in implementing different programs. The contributions came from the people are in the form of money, materials, labour etc.
Agency Theme of support service/ training/ consultancy Who participated
NGOs supported (842people participated) NGO Management Senior & 2nd line management staff, Project, Program & Policy level staff.
Gender Sensitization
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
Phase out & Withdrawal
Panchyati Raj
Micro Finance
Team Building
Staff development & leadership
Social Security
Training of facilitators
Social Analysis & leadership
Lobby & Advocacy
Environmental Management & Dev..
Govt. functionaries (672 person) Watershed Teachers
Micro Finance ICDS supervisors/ CDPOs
Sanitation WDT members.
Teaching Process
Training of Trainers
Health etc.
Grassroot organisation (175 persons); Leadership & Organization building. Youth Club leaders sponsored by Local NGOs & POs.
Youth (660 Persons) Promotion of volunteerism. Ex NSS .NCC Volunteers of the State
Other avenues of support services provided are :

Providing update information on different policy & provisions to NGO for their use.
Preparing of documents, reports, indicators etc on request by NGOs.
Support in planning, monitoring & evaluation process.
Helping to develop projects and establishing linkages with DSOs.
Liasioning with NGOs, POs and other Networks.
Organising exposures for NGOs & GOs functionaries for enhancing their on the field experience.

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